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KM Energy-Efficient Fan SERVICE SOLUTION

It is utmost important to understand the working of any equipment in an industry & even more important to maintain it with safety as the prime focus. We believe that periodic health checks & maintenance of all equipment can help to avoid unexpected failures & improve its service life. This investment in maintenance can lead to exponential savings by avoidance of system breakdown which causes monetary losses to the industry.

KM Energy-Efficient Fan, with over 3 decades of experience, is widely involved with the maintenance & performance enhancement of Axial flow Fans & Cooling towers across all kinds of industries.

Axial Flow Fans

Fan is the driving force behind the flow of air to achieve efficient heat transfer in any system. Preventive Maintenance, can greatly avoid any unforeseen imminent failure of the fan. Periodic assessment through Fan performance testing helps in accurate evaluation & explores the possibility to enhance the output of the Fan for improving the system efficiency.

KM Energy-Efficient Fan provides support & supervision for performance testing by deputing Engineers having more than 20 years of experience in Fan installation & assessment. Our Engineers are equipped with finest quality & calibrated instruments to provide accurate performance report for system analyzing & identifying scope of improvement.

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