Batch Drying Equipment / Integrated 

Dewtek has won patents for the industry’s smallest drying equipment
for erecting anywhere and operating in small sites with a limited amount of sludge.

The smallest model in the industry thanks to multiple invention patents

The system can be fitted into an area up to 1.06 sqm the main unit and the feeder tank can be designed according to users’ processing capacities to optimize the drying performances and save electricity and money at the same time. (The website shows a limited number of solutions available. Call or contact us for any of your special needs.)


  • Thanks to its minimized footprint the Dewtek system can be used in plants of limited space with high flexibility. 
  • Applicable for sites with daily treatment capacity in range of 150kg~3tons.
  • Low automation requirements. 


Flow airs from bottom to top with a special designed air duct to get a greater air contact area and more uniform drying. 


For greater processing capacities, you may opt to add more loading jigs or choose trolleys or drying baskets instead. 

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